2019 Street Resurfacing Project

The City awarded the project to Knife River Corporation of Sauk Rapids. The bids came in under budget which means that the optional work will be included. The optional work included overlaying all of the McDowall Park Trail and resurfacing Wall Street and Fair Meadows Cirlcle. Currently, the low spot of McDowall Park Trail is still under water. The water table is expected to drop as the summer progresses and allow the contractor access to the trail system. Please refer to the map here.

The contractor has indicated that they expect to begin work in late July or early August. They are also paving at the school, so I expect our schedule to be in alignment with that project. This type of work typically lasts about 3 - 4 weeks from initial removals to placing the new pavement.

The following are the general work descriptions:

Street Names

Work Description
Pond View Drive, Pintail Street, Lake View Lane, Lake Ridge Drive, Park Avenue, & Wall Street.This work will include spot replacement of curbing, manhole adjustment, asphalt patching, milling and paving.
Fair Meadows CircleThis work will include manhole adjustment, weed removal, minimal milling and paving.
McDowall Park Trail
  • This work will include overlaying about 3 miles of asphalt trail and building up the low spot 8".
  • There are 2 culverts that will be replaced at the low spot.
  • Trail will be closed for several weeks.

There will be significant access impacts when the final layer of asphalt is placed on the street. All traffic will be kept off until it has cooled down and hardened. This typically means a street is closed all day and then open to traffic around 8 p.m. We don't want to keep the streets closed longer than needed but the asphalt surface needs to be protected.