Please complete the assessment search form to have a complete assessment search done on any property located in the City of Big Lake. The fee associated with the assessment search is $25.00

For the 2019 Mill and Overlay street project the City Council approved the final plans and specifications on 3/13/19, the preliminary roll listed below will be finalized in October of 2019.

For the 2019 Special Assessments applied to the 2020 Property Taxes, the City Council will approved the assessment rolls as listed below on 11/13/19

The street project assessment roll, if not paid in full by 12/13/19, will be assessed to the property taxes beginning 2020, at a 4.60% and for 15 years.

The unpaid utilities and other charges if not paid by 11/18/19, will be assessed to the 2020 property taxes, the balance listed below includes the 6% interest as well as the $20 certification fee.