Planning Applications

The applications listed below are required to help assist you in the formal processing of your proposal. Please email City Planner Michael Healy or call at 763-251-2977 with any questions related to the applications.

Development Application

Development Application (Fillable PDF)

  • Amendment (Comprehensive Plan, Ordinance Map or Text)
  • Appeal of Zoning Decision
  • Concept Plan
  • Conditional Use Permit (Major)
  • Conditional Use Permit (Minor)
  • Environmental Review (EAW / AUAR / EIS)
  • Home Occupation
  • Interim Use Permit
  • Park and Trail Dedication
  • Rezoning (Zoning change or PUD zoning)
  • Site Plan and Building Review Plan
  • Subdivisions
  • Temporary Use Permits
  • Vacation
  • Variance
  • Wetland Delineation / Mitigation

Sign Permit Application

Sign Permit Application (Fillable PDF)

Property owners are required to obtain a sign permit prior to the construction, placement, erection or modification of a sign placed on a building or lot.

The City of Big Lake has a sign ordinance in place to allow for orderly placement, aesthetic design and reasonable language to serve the general welfare of the public. The sign ordinance also helps maintain a quality street facade, eliminating tall, obtrusive and bulky signs while creating safety for traffic and pedestrians.