Peddler/Transient Merchant Licenses 

Peddlers - a person going door-to-door selling product for immediate sale.

Transient Merchants - a person who temporarily sets up business out of a vehicle, trailer, boxcar, tent, other portable shelter, or empty store front for the purpose of selling goods, and who does not remain or intend to remain in any one location for more than consecutive days

. 20.03   Licensing.

Subd. 2 City License Required.  Except as otherwise provided for by this Section, no person shall conduct business as either a peddler or a transient merchant without first having obtained a license from the City.

320.04   License Exemptions.  No license shall be required for any person to sell or attempt to sell, or to take or attempt to take orders for, any product grown, produced, cultivated, or raised on any farm.  No license shall be required of any person going from house-to-house, door-to-door, business-to-business, street-to-street, or other type of place-to-place when such activity is for the purpose of exercising that person's State or Federal Constitutional rights (i.e., freedom of speech, press, religion etc.) except that this exemption may be lost if the person's exercise of Constitutional rights is merely incidental to a commercial activity. Professional fund raisers working on behalf of an otherwise exempt person or group shall not be exempt from the licensing requirements of this Section.

Current Licensed Peddlers/Transient Merchants

Business Name Authorized Peddler Dates Authorized to Sell