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Administrative Citation

  1. Claw Officer
  2. City of Big Lake Administrative Citation
  3. Served Method
  4. You have been issued a City of Big Lake Administrative Citation. This is not a criminal citation, you are not required to appear in court, nor will this offense appear on your formal criminal history.
  5. Failure to Pay Fine: Failure to pay this fine within 14 days or withdrawing from the process as outlined below, will result in the fine doubling and being forwarded to a collections agency for civil collection proceedings, or a Criminal Citation will be issued assigning a court date for this offense.
  6. Payment: Payment of the Administrative Fine is due within 14 days of the date of issuance. Payment can be made in person, or by mailing the fine to: Big Lake Police Department 790 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 100 Big Lake, MN 55309
  7. Withdrawal: While it is the goal of the City of Big Lake to address Ordinance Violations in an informal manner, you may elect to withdraw from the Administrative Fine Process within 7 days of the issuance of the Administrative Citation. This can be undertaken in writing to the address listed above. Correspondence must include; name, violation, and the reason for withdrawal. A Criminal Citation will be issued assigning a court date for the offense.
  8. Questions can be answered at (763)-251-2996
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