Lake Mitchell Boat Launch

Lake Mitchell Boat Launch Security Key and Boat Sticker

Access Application and Payment Instructions

Click Here for the Lake Mitchell Boat Launch Access Application. After the application is filled out, you can either:

  • Email to Julie Rathmanner or Sandy Petrowski and pay online by clicking the "make a payment" button at bottom of page;
  • Mail to City Hall: 160 Lake St N, Big Lake, MN 55309, and pay by sending a check or money order with application;
  • Or bring to City Hall during regular office hours.

Access Key and Boat Sticker

  • Pickup key and boat sticker at City Hall
  • Security key and boat sticker: $20
    • Each key is numbered and shall not be duplicated.  The key is non-transferrable.
    • Boat sticker is to be permanently attached to the front left of the boat hull near the registration numbers.
    • Boat sticker is specific to a registered boat.
  • Replacement security key: $40
  • Replacement sticker: no charge
    • Replacement sticker requires portion of the old sticker brought into City Hall to ensure not remaining on an unauthorized boat.

Rules & Regulations

Restricted Access Use

  • This is a City owned boat launch and available only to City of Big Lake residents.  The launch is monitored using the I-LIDS viewing system which identifies boats.
  • If a resident moves outside the City, they are no longer allowed to use this access.  They are requested to return the key to City Hall.

Unlock and Lock Gate

  • Authorized users shall chain and lock the gate immediately after using the launch to load or unload.
  • The gate is to remain locked at all times except when authorized users are launching/loading.
  • Authorized users shall only launch their boat with access sticker adhered to boat.
  • If gate is found to be unchained or unlocked, please report to Public Works (763-263-2268).


  • Streets in general area do not allow on-street parking.
  • Report maintenance issues or concerns to Public Works (763-263-2268).
  • Be courteous to others.
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