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Seasonal Lakeside Park Pass

  1. Big Lake Vertical No Tag Color
  2. City of Big Lake Seasonal Parking Permit
    Lakeside Park
  3. Permit No. 2023 - ________

    Parking pass MUST be displayed in the vehicle while parking at Lakeside Park. Place parking pass over rearview mirror. Any tampering or copying of parking passes may result in criminal charges.

  4. (First, Last)
  5. Parking permit may be subject to revocation for violation of park/parking regulations per Big Lake City Code Chapter 5, Section 570.
  6. Parking for vehicles with boats/trailers is limited to thirty (30) spaces.
  7. Parking at Lakeside Park is on a first come basis. Purchase of a Seasonal Parking Permit does not guaruntee the holder of a parking spot.
  8. City residents are allowed to launch and leave [must show valid driver's license]
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  10. Note: Once your application and payment has been processed your Lakeside Parking Pass will be sent in the mail. 

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