Requirements for Installation of Sewer & Water

  1. Water
  2. Sewer
  3. General


  • No curb stops in the driveway. If a curb stop is placed in the driveway, contact the Public Works Department at 763-263-2268 or the Building Inspector at 763-263-5440 before starting work.
  • The curb stop must have concrete block placed under it
  • Water line must be a minimum of one inch Type K copper
  • Water lines must be insulated if less than eight feet deep with two inch thick by four foot wide high-density Styrofoam; water lines less than six feet deep must be insulated with three inch thick by eight foot (8') wide high-density Styrofoam.
  • Water lines placed under driveways must be insulated with two inch  thickness by four foot wide high-density Styrofoam.
  • The water must have an inside valve with a flared connection
  • No couplings allowed unless approved by the City of Big Lake including the area from the curb stop to the first valve in the house.
  • Water line must be flushed after installation
  • After inspection by the City, water must be shut off at the curb stop.
  • All curb boxes must have a rod installed
  • Curb box top must be level with surface
  • If water line is installed during the winter and can't be tested by turning on the water, air testing must be done at the time of the initial inspection; minimum 80pounds per square inch.