Department Overview

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 10.27.04 AMThe Big Lake Police Department is comprised of 16 total staff including 14 full time sworn officers, two full-time civilian records staff, and one part-time community service officer.  All of our sworn officers are expected to report to duty with the expectation they will serve providing front line police services.  The Big Lake Police Department is very active, averaging over 15,000 calls for service per year.  The members assigned to Field Services, are truly the backbone of our department and the faces many of our community members will see.  The Big Lake Police Department is comprised of 2 Service Areas:

Support Services 

Support Services is comprised of the Chief of Police - Emergency Manger and our Police Specialists; Laurie Morris and Tina Peterson.  The Chief of Police oversees all operations within the department including human resources, budget and finance, policy development, emergency management, capitol projects, and much more.  Our Police Specialists are responsible for all of the behind the scenes work which keep our department  moving including; transcription, records management, customer service, data dissemination, crime free housing program, and so much more.  

Field Services 

Field Services is overseen by Captain Matt Hayen, with the assistance of Sergeants Sam Olson, and Tom Kucala. Our Field Services members provide all front line police services to our residents and visitors including; response to calls for service, traffic enforcement, community policing activities, department programs, the list is endless. Our Patrol Officer work to provide 24/7 coverage to the City of Big Lake, and staff to provide quality coverage and response to our nearly 15,000 calls for service yearly. Field Services is comprised of; 

  • Captain 
  • Sergeants (2)
  • Investigator
  • Police Officers (9) 
  • Community Service Officer (1)

  1. Scharf with stars

    Joel Scharf

    Chief of Police - Emergency Manager
    Phone: 763-251-2985

  2. Hayen Eagle

    Matt Hayen

    Deputy Chief of Police
    Phone: 763-251-2994