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Police Internal Use

  1. Administrative Citation
  2. Bluebox Quarterly Inspection
  3. Missing Person Report
  4. Pursuit Involvement Form

    To be completed by the primary BLPD Officer Involved, information is used for Records to submit the State of MN Report.

  5. Receipt

    For use when accepting cash or checks.

  6. Ride Along Form
  7. Stolen Vehicle Report
  8. Use of Force

    Pointing a Firearm Only - Not a Reportable Use of Force Taser Pointed Only - Not a Reportable Use of Force

  1. BLPD Vehicle Impound Form
  2. Crime Free Housing Notification
  3. Overtime Entry
  4. Quarterly Password Verification
  5. Request for Reimbursement
  6. Squad Inventory
  7. UAV Deployment